A carbon bonanza! Everything you need to know about CO2

Rux is traveling again for the Erasmus+ youth exchange and is coming to you live from Latvia! Meanwhile Keran meets Karen Rossell again to discuss all things carbon! We discuss what we mean by 'carbon' and the relationship to CO2 and other greenhouse gases. We also discuss common carbon terminology such as carbon capture, sequestration, offsetting, insetting and direct air capture, featuring the brand new Climeworks ORCA direct air capture project in Iceland.




Climate education in schools

This week’s episode will blow your mind. Rux and Keran look at climate education in the UK speaking with Friends of the Earth, Teach the Future, Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and SOS UK about where we stand with the current curriculum, as well as resources for educators looking to start including climate change in their classrooms. This is a must listen, and listeners can expect more content on this topic in the future! A full list of resources is available online. Follow us on IG and Twitter @ beloudclimate



Climate literacy: The role of education and news media

In the inaugural episode of the season 2, Keran and Rux discuss the concept at the very heart of Be Loud: Climate: Climate literacy. They discuss the role of education and the news media, the responsibility of journalism to educate citizens and the huge challenges that exist in building a climate literate global population. You'll also hear from exciting new launches from Be Loud, some of the upcoming plans and more about Rux's awesome summer of fun.